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pig mad
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Feb 2, 2012
Sep 4, 2010
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pig mad


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Feb 2, 2012
    1. BlaznJon
      welcome to pit bull chat.I`m new here too.Being a pig hunter of old i see how hard it is to make any kind of statement of what you do why and how you do it with out haveing a bunch of people who no nothing about hunting pigs with dogs give you advise not knowing what the hell they are talking about.I laughed when you talked about shaving your daughters head to continue the hunting tradition.My daughter was and is to much a princess to do that not that I didn`t try.:lol: When we hunted pigs we did like you we used the dogs that would hunt and the ones that were availible.Size usually matered more then breed.your post about haveing 3-4 dogs instead of one big one brought back memories of being a young father and only haveing a car not a truck we used to load us boys in the car with the favorite dog and put the other 4-5 in the trunk .i can still hear my brother looking at a car and saying I wonder how many pigs will fit in the trunk?:lol:
    2. Southern Mystery Kennels
      Southern Mystery Kennels
      i'm sorry you didn't tell us all of this information about how long you actually had the dog.sorry to jump to conclusions,but atleast you tried.i would've learned more about the breed and how da is a comman trait in it.as a pit bull owner you must know the traits and the thing to expect from your dog.you could've let the dog go after the boar alone.i saw on one of your videos one dog actually held the boar and the other dog just ran around it barking.
    3. pig mad
      pig mad
      read into it all you like i kept the dog for 5 years so yeah your right i have no idea i tried nothing your the best i am wrong he was my mate it is the dog in my avatar it was real hard to put him down but best thing i could do he was recking dogs chewing em up all the time but now i don't have to worry bout him chewing my pup's so yeah life is alot easier....
    4. Southern Mystery Kennels
      Southern Mystery Kennels
      actually what you are basicly saying is it's how they are raised which is most not the case.genetics is what plays a higher role than how you raise them.i do believe you should proably learn more about the breed and their traits before you go all about making assumptions.your life was easier?hmm what im basicly hearin is that you are very lazy and you dont want to take the time out and give a dog the special attention it needs.
    5. pig mad
      pig mad
      a dogs a dog some are just better at things just cause a pit is the ultimate fighter doesn't mean it needs to be nurtured to be i was stressing at the bullshit you guys are spitting out but honestly your probably a bunch of try hard dog fighters with the ego you've got your dogs are probably shit at it to i reckon if came to the crunch mine would chew the ass out of yours and still stand therenot winded waging his tail mine are super fit super strong healthy dogs fighting is not something i'm into so neither are my dogs i am sure they might like to be but know they not aloud... My dogs pull up 10+ good pigs a hunt and run 10km a day are fed premium working dogs biscuits and racing dog supplements your's probably walks around a ring thinking it's pretty with you saying look out he's dangerous!! you sound like a try hard not a good dog owner....
    6. ganja
      I just read that thread & these posts here... I'm still lmao :lol:

      " I have not seen alot of pit's that were flat out dog killers and i beleive it was cause they were brought up not to be..."
      I wonder what "pits" you're talking about LOL
      yet another one fucking up the breed... just what we need :rolleyes:

      do the breed a favor, stick to labs, maybe you'll understand those, but don't be fooled they are not easy keepers neither which is what you seem to favor :lol:
    7. pig mad
      pig mad
      any dog has a chance of being aggressive no matter the breed the dog was put down cause he killed the missus dog not mine happy wife happy life and the stress releif not having him around it should have been done earlier... I have not seen alot of pit's that were flat out dog killers and i beleive it was cause they were brought up not to be...
    8. Southern Mystery Kennels
      Southern Mystery Kennels
      We are only telling you like the way it is.not alot of people here are dogfighters.you couldve kept him away from the other dogs yet still show the attention and love he needs.the dog didn't have to be killed because of his genes.if you are a owner of a pit bull breed you should know that your dog can be da.you can't breed the breed without the da trait because that's what the dogs were orginally bred to do.I have an american bully even I know that my dog Sabrina has a chance of being da.
    9. pig mad
      pig mad
      In no way is it not possible to stop from fighting was my point and don't know why you guys would incourage that as it is illegal to fight em i like the dog for what it is but fighting is not something i am willing to put up with no matter what the breed you can keep the heart stamina and all the other traits without the fight and if your fighting em why you guys tell the world it's acceptable over the net...
    10. Southern Mystery Kennels
      Southern Mystery Kennels
      You really do need to start treating people with respect.i was simpley agreeing with what another person said, because to me it's stupid and sad for someone to kill an apbt or any pit bull type dog just because the dog is da.like mj said people in the u.s.a. Try to stick to the orginal roots of the apbt.than we have the American bully for a bullier version and less da version of an apbt.I don't have bs dripping out of me,btw.I welcome you to pitbull chat!
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