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  • Sorry...I am new to these ped papers. While I was researching I ended up on TCK's site and I looked at produced where I saw WarChief. I then remembered WarChief on here and it was him! I do not really know if or how they are related. Yes T county TN...born and raised!
    Hello...I was researching our pups peds and came across TCK Warchief. I guess that might not be uncommon but I am from T County which is just funny to me. Anyway...just thought I would share that useless piece of info!
    thank you.i didn't understand what i did wrong.the only thing i asked was what do you breed for and people came out on me and using my pictures that i take just for fun and saying how they cant take me serious because of my PICTURES??that's like me saying you dont take care of your dogs because in a picture their ears were back and tails were tucked behind their legs.i'm sorry for all the cussing i did i just cant stand it when people try to flip and script and give an excuse to why they did it.i'm interested in showing my dogs.maybe you can give me a few tips?
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