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  • Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the add! I would like to remind you that we carry all kind of dog toys and leather gear for your pits! Keep in mind our prices are whole sale!
    I tried to register for the bully form last night,but it wouldnt let me make one,because of the question asking what does a.p.b.t mean. I said American pitbull terrier,but it said that was the wrong answer.
    hey jerry on a thread i read a comment about you saying to groom your dogs face. do you cut their whiskers off or just down some? sabrina seems to have them growing everywhere on her face(lol).
    omG i think your dogs are gorgeous and i just saw that you are from northern illinois no way! so am i!
    Hey PH . How's everything ? Your bullies look beautiful. I wanted to ask you a few questions . How would you want to better the AmBully's reputation ? And what event(s) do you want the AmBully to succeed in ? P.S. Feel free to view some of my pics and give some suggestions on how to improve humble's muscle definition. Thanks
    you do have very good examples of the breed and what a classic gotti dog should look like.feel free to call me dumbo but most of the gotti line dogs i see have a weak or no loower jaw and it looks like alot of extra skin and that doesn't really appeal to me.i dont find that look cute or adorable i look at it like it is..a fault and something i don't want to add to my yard,but your dogs do have a correct lower jaw and they are something i would deff want to add to my yard.
    I am really bad at understanding these peds...lol. From what I can tell...stainless steel from MSK is the full brother of our pup's sire.
    Magnolia State Kennels I think is how I ended up on TCK. DFP's Southern Blue Bella and some Mc Cullough dogs. Is any of this making sense? We got our pup from a North Mississippi Breeder.
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