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  • Hey ph! How's everything? Any Bully shows? We need some update pics on Chief and the others.
    I hardly ever see you on here anymore.
    Just thought I'd say hey, while you were on. :)
    I'm glad to hear the pups wound up in good homes. I know how that feels to work out of town. I spent about 18 months in Tampa when I use to live in Orlando. I'm doing well, but the snow is killing me.
    you dont wanna see him at work man, you'll go home and put your whole yard down LOLOLOL
    make it up when theres snow on the ground and i'll take ya coyote hunting. let ya see Riot work one over lol
    i used to ice fish, but its just not all that enjoyable imo. im in sw Iowa, and the land i own is about 25 minutes south of Winterset. you know, Bridges of Madison County?
    oh yeah, we fish nearly year around. if you ever make it to Iowa, i'll show you exactly what im talking about. takes a 4wd to get to it, but this pond is huge, and nobodys allowed on it
    i been on facebook and all the folks are doing is talking shit. i had to remind em at least the NFC North is representing this year. no matter what side youre on you gotta appreciate that. ten years ago we were regarded as the weakest division in the NFL
    i got family in Wisconsin still, but im in Iowa. my whole family is crazy Packer fans. you should see it when we all get together on thanksgiving and the Pack plays Detroit, there is one fridge at my grandmas just for the beer lol
    nope, we bleed green and gold around here. my grandpa played for the Pack in the late 40s/early 50s. youre really gonna hate my avatar after Matthews smears Cutler all over soldier field sunday lol
    dude i'm done. i can't take it anymore. the stuff going on at school and on here really isnt working out with me. instead, of helping my anger problems it's making it worse. it's been good talking to you on here.
    will do. i tried stacking her by myself,asking my mom did it look right,but she couldn't tell me. they are going to seem like they are growing by hour in a minute. it's to start growing like lil weedlings. haha i've been up since 7 this morning and i'm still not sleep,yet. i guess it's because of the snow...who knows.
    trindle? no lol...i guess id call it a tri for now and see how the dog looks when matured.
    healthy looking litter. not my thing, but well taken care of. good job
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