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  • i'll post them to you tom.i'm trying to find one of mojo.he only eats enough to survivie so people fussed about him in our neighborhood thats why hes with my uncle.patch is with my ken partner because shes a good dog in the truck and because he drives trucks he like to have her with him.
    lol i really don't know much about mojo's lines.he's one nice looking dog though.i'll show you a picture of him when i find one.i'll take a picture of patch also.she looks like the dog in colbydog's avatar.
    haha lol some bullies do look like hippos i'm not even going to lie to myself lol.i have an american pitbull terrier,but he lives with my uncle because he is extremely DA
    Lol I do?a lot of people say that i remind them of themselves when they were little i guess that was true.I really do admire apbts and American bullies.like I've said i want to change people views on this breed and for those who are calling them pits or apbts to call them what they are,American bullies.why Be ashamed of something you put so much time,money,and care for?embarassed at what you are doing than stop doing it,you know?
    Same here.instead of shopping,hanging out,and like you said partying.I'd rather be helping out dogs and training them and showing them.to be honest inwant to imrpove what people think about apbts and American bullies but i know that will take time and that's all I have is time.
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