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Patch O' Pits

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  • hi i seen you just about everywhere from facebook to your patch o pits website and now here..quick question thoough do you still the breed the apbt? also do you still show them? thank you
    XD Yeah! I was lost, cold, and hungry! You should have brought your rescue boat sooner! just kidding lol XD I posted some of my artwork, this forum is crowded lol :)
    Hi! Sorry it took me so long to approve your request as a friend :) Thank you for the request :) . I'm still learning the ins and outs of the site....stupid me!

    you have some beautiful pits btw :) I'm still not sure what type cupcake is. If she's a mix or pure bred. I'm hoping she's not the bully type but if she is I'll love her regardless :) I'm just praying she will not be over 60 lbs :)

    see you on the forums!
    Hi how you doing our names are Tony and Karry and we are new here so i seen your pictures in the forums and wanted to tell ya you got some nice looking pits.
    thats awesome..the furkids are doing good..everyone is healthy so i cant complain..when is the may dogshow and where?
    hey crazy dog lady! i'm doing ok..just went through a few changes here but everything is finally settled..not looking forward to working the dogs out in this cold though..lol..how are things with you?
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