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  • Thanks for checking in. I'm working in Chicago, the dogs and family are still in Tn. Pretty busy. I check in from time to time but really seems like the same old same old.
    Wow....I wish I would have got on this forum before I got Deuce...not that I do not love him! He has turned out great! I would love to see the puppies but my husband would not let me have another one! And I really do not have the time to out in for training or showing right now!
    I can not believe you are so close. I was raised in T-County! Best place on earth...lol. Oh..real sorry about Bubbles. I hated hearing about that.
    Hey I know what you mean about the lack of shows in the Memphis area, we are in tipton county and the shows I've been to since moving here have been 6 or 7 hrs away. We're not far from Memphis in a couple of weeks if you want get a hold of me maybe you could come by and see the little cuties in person.
    hey fellow memphian!!! so, what part of town are you in... if you don't mind me asking? i'm in berclair......or nutbush... or little mexico...whichever you wanna call it...lol. okay, i'm going to look at your doggies now :)
    MSK has 2 females from the same kennel Chief came from, Presley is a sister from different litter and Stella's mother is a 1/2 sister (same mother). Which one is on your ped?
    Where did you get your dog? Who in the ped lead to T county? I can probably let you know how they might be related.
    Who were the TCK WarChief's parents on your ped? You from T county in TN? My TCK's WarChief has only been bred once to my female Bubbles. Shouldn't be on any peds but those pups.
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