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  • happy birthday Robyn! i think when i was cleaning up my fb friends list i might have ACCIDENTLY deleted you so i gotta post it here...have fun and keep your butt outta trouble. ;)
    fuck them bitches. christ, a guy tries and show a cute puppy pic and he gets flamed. im fixin to start booting them off the page for good
    Okay. Your av user picture of the dog has me cracking up laughing. What did the dog eat or destroy?
    youre a crazy chick....i like spring and fall. you know... when its actually nice outside?
    lol...i took the dogs out in it earlier, but couldnt get any good pics. the wind was blowing like a sob
    Hey there, buddy.

    We are only short on e-mails and smoke signals as far as methods of conversation.

    Oh, and interpretive dance. Then we'll be communicating on all levels.
    Laughing, nope, there is no challenge with those... which is part of the problem with this one... she doesn't challenge me. everything is yes, sir. Okay, Sir. I love you, Sir. Anything you want, Sir. Well what I want is for you to tell me no sometimes. Challenge Me... oh, well. I'm back and it feels soo good.
    Okay, what have I missed? Been busy trying to train a new gf... I am beginning to think she's hopeless though.
    Fucking sweet! Ya, Modest Mouse is my all time favorite. Got to see them live recently. Just wish I had seem them at the point where they were still doing more psychedelic music.

    But don't judge me if there's anything too awful on that playlist. It started off as just favorites, and then I just started adding everything I liked.
    I posted video this week, Robyn! Yeesh, slave drivers! I'll get ome pics tomorrow :)
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