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  • And also a professional dogman would NEVER kill a dog that loses game, and hell many dont kill curs. Real dogmen DONT do it for the money and many of the old timers worked numerous full time jobs to take care of their dogs. And about bait dogs, real dogmen DO NOT use them, that was started as a myth by the HSUS and since they started spewing that shit out ghetto scum have started using them. A real dogmen will not let an anmial fight that doesnt want to be there. And they will also tell you that when your matching a bulldog into a bulldog, what is some little cur puppy going to do for that dog?? NOTHING that would be like Brock Lesnar beating up a 12 old kid for training theres no point in it.

    You my friend are very ignorant when it comes to the truth about the American Pit Bull Terrier, and you are obviously to close minded to accept the truth. Im done with you.
    Me and you are obviously talking about two totally seperate things. The people you described are low life scum that. Real dogmen dont use bait dogs, they also VERY RARELY have a dog die, real dogmen realize what this breed was created to do and match and game test dogs to better the breed, if you stop breeding the American PIT Bull Terrier for the PIT then you will no longer have American Pit Bull Terriers. Just explain to me how its cruel to match two WILLING dogs under Cajun Rules?? Im sure you cant because your just another ignorant fuck who knows NOTHING about this breed.
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