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Recent content by odnarb

  1. odnarb

    Grant one of Six Lives to Remember

    I'm trying so hard not to cry at work. Sent from my CM11 GS3
  2. odnarb

    Does my Dog look like an American Bully to you?

    That color isn't unexpected in American Bully lines. It's incomplete dominance of Sable over tan point with a mask. Tan point is very common in AmBullies. That heavy of a Sable isn't common, but I've seen it. I've seen houndy ears, snipey muzzles, and AmBullies that have leggier builds as...
  3. odnarb

    Does Anyone Have Any Info On This Dog??

    I had my hands on that dog more than once. He was a massive, squatty dog. That pic makes him look like he has more length of leg than he had. Not my cup of tea, but others love that type. All of the dogs they exhibited were IMO ginormous. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 4
  4. odnarb

    Pit bull v Coyote

    My last one was a snarly beast that loved to fight (as far as sheepdogs go). My 45 lbs AmStaf wiped up the ground with him despite being much smaller. They are great on man and livestock, but they aren't fighting dogs. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 4
  5. odnarb

    Why are police dogs...

    I see a decent number of Dutch Shepherds, but there just aren't as many of them to purchase as there are GSD and Malinois. Working quality Dobermans aren't as common, plus the breed has a lot of health issues and shorter longevity. They aren't a breed I would seek out for for law enforcement...
  6. odnarb

    Split nose in a "pit bull?"

    Bomber of Red River FRIII was a coated Malinois with a split nose. I had a half brother of his and to my knowledge he was the only one. Obviously he could still work! None of the pics I can find of him online show his face from the front. Sent from my unlocked S3 Current ROM: CM10.1.2
  7. odnarb

    Interesting story about my final walk through of my new home lastnight. *Dead animal*

    Am I the only weirdo that wouldn't be bothered by it? I mean, I would want to know the story but it wouldn't gross me out. I guess that's what years as a vet tech does to you. My sandwich stuck between a tumor and a fecal sample and directly below the tubes of blood and urine? Whatever. Sent...
  8. odnarb

    Conditioned Non-APBTs

    Usually just short of 60 lbs. Sent from my unlocked S3 Current ROM: Eclipse
  9. odnarb

    Chain Collars? (NOT choke chains)

    Here's a link to the collar. It's cheaper than I remember. TufFlex Standard Dog Collar [1-Inch]. $11.95 (Save $3.05) Sent from my unlocked S3 Current ROM: Eclipse
  10. odnarb

    Collar addicts unite!

    That will look amazing on her! Stan has chewed two Pacos now. He's banished to Lupine collars. Sent from my unlocked S3 Current ROM: Eclipse
  11. odnarb

    Walks from your POV

    Munchkin never wants to hold my hand, but she will hold Stan's harness to cross the street ;-) Sent from my unlocked S3 Current ROM: Eclipse
  12. odnarb

    What do YOU look like?

    Me. Sent from my unlocked S3 Current ROM: Eclipse
  13. odnarb

    Conditioned Non-APBTs

    This was my last Malinois. The current boy is still young and soft. Sent from my unlocked S3 Current ROM: Eclipse
  14. odnarb

    Ear cropping age?

    My AmStaf was cropped at 7 weeks. Sent from my unlocked S3 Current ROM: Eclipse
  15. odnarb

    Hey everybody. New here, need some help

    Excellent idea! I think some make OK watchdogs. My APBT barked if somebody was at the door, my AmStaf did not. Sent from my unlocked S3 Current ROM: Eclipse