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Sep 13, 2013
Jan 20, 2009
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Vet student / Emergency and Critical Care Vet Tec


Little Dog, from Southeast

odd.eyed.jack was last seen:
Sep 13, 2013
    1. Krista
    2. odd.eyed.jack
      Moved from Los Angeles, CA to Knoxville,TN. Plan to attend University of Tennessee's School of Veterinary Medicine. Fingers crossed!
    3. odd.eyed.jack
      I am getting married in a little over a month on the opposite coast! I will be sparse around Pit Bull Chat in the meantime.
    4. kris2642
      That pic is too funny!! Thanks for the laugh!!!!
    5. GingerGirl
      Thanks for the nice comments! You have some great photos of your dogs as well. Gotta love the smile photo of odd eyed Jack -what a happy dog!
    6. ashgeo25
      Your dog is so cute...
      I have two pitbulls myself and they are going through skin problems along with my 4 year old Syrus has a what I assume is a yeast infection on his foot... I'm trying to heal these on my own I just bought some epi-pet products and have been soaking syruss foot in epsom salt, then putting an antibiotic spray and cream and every so often putting bag balm on it with a sock on his foot. My other pit Deegan who's 9 months is having red bumps started on belly and inner hind leg and near testicles the red bumps turn crusty and then dry out along with fur. I have an appointment for Deegan but just trying to get other people's opinions and what should I ask the vets about this? We had this problem last year with their skin and all they did was try prednisone which isnt good for them and all it does is manages the problem not heals it.... any suggestions?
    7. Vicki
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    Vet student / Emergency and Critical Care Vet Tec
    35 y/o female, married to a Professor who trains in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

    My pack, veterinary medicine, science, politics, cooking, music.