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Recent content by NGK

  1. NGK

    Ch Christy's Go Go

    If the breeder is honest with that old blood you are almost guaranteed to get a quality dog down from those lines. Don't listen to the bullshit and haters, honest breeders produce honest dogs. NGK
  2. NGK

    If you had $1000 to donate....

    The SPCA has collectivly killed more dogs and cats than any other organization in history and for a non profit organization they have amassed a great deal of wealth and increased wages drasticly. They are responsible in part for the attempted extermination of our breed, so I would rule them out...
  3. NGK

    Cloning Dogs

    Proper family breeding should produce similiar dogs. When I lose a dog im not nearly as shook up by it as I own the entire family and see similiar traits all over the yard, its like all the dead dogs are still here living through their family.
  4. NGK

    How do you name a bloodline?

    I agree with that 100%, Floyd was only one of many men who utilized the Eli blood but in all fairness I think he was the main source who preserved the bloodline over the long run through the breedings he made with his family of dogs. After Eli was stolen im sure they bred his balls damn near off...
  5. NGK

    Does your pitbull kill rabbits?

    Have any of you seen a dog bait prey using kibble? My Monkey dog (named monkey because he climbs trees) used to leave some food for the pidgeons so that he could get a better snack, we had about 35-40 wild pidgeons in the barn during summer but by the end of winter there was maybe 7-8 and a...
  6. NGK

    How do you name a bloodline?

    I know this is an old thread but found it interesting that nobody really had an answer for the question that was clear and concise. Ill attempt to answer the question although I do realize thet what I type is only my own opinion and will not be deemed correct by all who read it, here goes...
  7. NGK

    Cloning Dogs

    In the linked article they say that she, Ms McKinney, cloned the dog for a few reasons but one was because the dog became her hands after she had one hand amputated after the Mastiff attack yet she is holding a cloned puppy with 2 hands... makes you wonder doesn't it?? Read that whole article...
  8. NGK

    why do they call apbt bulldogs?

    I don't want to get into a gameness debate so i'll make 1 more comment, thats it. Gameness must be shown so how can one make an ussumption about gameness without seeing it, cold is cold, game is game, cur is cur, black is black and white is white. NGK.
  9. NGK

    why do they call apbt bulldogs?

    A game APBT is a Bulldog, a non game APBT is a Cur, thats how I understand it from a historical standpoint. NGK
  10. NGK

    Beware Of Dog Signs

    My sign says "Fuck the dog Beware of Owner", lol. My fathers says " If I don't know you FUCK OFF" Were lucky to live where few people venture so a "Private Property No Trespassing" sign usually does the trick.
  11. NGK

    525 dogs seized from Canadian breeder

    It always amazes me that unhealthy dogs will be slated for adoption in a case like this when the APBT will be euthed....
  12. NGK

    Hunting Wolves?..

    I used to Guide in Northern B.C. and the Yukon, I also ran a business called Chilkoot Water Charters for a couple of years before the White Pass Railway opened their tracks from Bennett City (ghost town at the end of the Chilkoot trail) to Carcross Yukon. It was a good life experience and a...
  13. NGK

    Hunting Wolves?..

    I have to say that it is refreshing to find a very well thought out and educated post about this subject on this thread. For the better part of my life I lived in the Yukon and to this day own a 15 acre plot of land and home in the Yukon that is right in the middle of a large Wolf population...
  14. NGK

    Paying a high Price for a dog.

    Sometimes you may find a dog that is not for sale but you want to purchase, as a breeder I would not sell that dog but if the offer was to good to refuse I would be a fool not to. I was once offered 10 grand for one of my top males and refused the sale, I later lent the same dog out for breeding...
  15. NGK

    Who says your dog is an "American Pit Bull Terrier" (APBT) ??

    Im wondering which picture of Chinaman your refering to? NGK