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Recent content by MurphysMom

  1. MurphysMom

    What do you feed your dog?

    Our puppy is on raw. Our older boy is on Acana Freshwater Fish. We have tried several times to get him on raw his stomach just cannot handle it.
  2. MurphysMom

    Boogieman & Castillo cross?

    My girl Ruby is from RDC. She is also off Naza. Her sire is Frisco who is mostly Boogieman with some Castillo and OFRN. She's only 13 weeks but so far very outgoing and intelligent.
  3. MurphysMom

    Female starting 1st heat cycle

    The last female dog we had was intact most of her life. She never got pregnant. In addition to her vulva swelling, I noticed Molly def had a more pronounced wet dog like odor. There are things on both sides to be said for altering. I don't agree with pediatric spay/neuter. I think with...
  4. MurphysMom

    Introducing our new pup!

    Sorry can't get my image to load
  5. MurphysMom

    Introducing our new pup!

    This is our new girl Miller's Ruby Soho aka Ruby. She is from RDC down in Florida off of their dogs Frisco and Naza. She is extremely affectionate but also generally a crazy APNT puppy. She is a cousin of our older boy Lemmy. Their dams are full sisters. She starts puppy classes this...
  6. MurphysMom

    Ultra running

    Over winter while we were waiting for our pup, I decided that I needed to get serious about exercising for the first time in my adult life. I decided to try Couch to 5k and lo and behold, I developed a love of running. Now I haven't even run in an official 5k until so I have a looong way to...
  7. MurphysMom

    Adult/puppy intros

    Today we brought home our 11 week old female APBT, Ruby. She is the sweetest little thing. Just looking for some suggestions for intros with our 9 year old neutered male APBT, Lemmy. Ruby is our 3rd bull breed dog so we are not inexperienced owners. We have never, however had 2 bull breeds...
  8. MurphysMom

    Craye reccomemdations?

    I've definitely seen those Impact crates online. What brand is the second one?
  9. MurphysMom

    Seeking recommendations for long-lasting chew items

    The black extreme Kong toys. Lemmy has 2 black Kong balls we have had since Lemmy was around 6 mos old and they still pretty much look good as new. They are his favorite and he carries them around like a baby with a pacifier.
  10. MurphysMom

    Craye reccomemdations?

    Any crate recommendations? Want to start gathering supplies for our new pup now before we get her so we don't have to fork over a huge chunk of change at once. Lemmy has a welded wire crate that's a hand me down from my in laws. The thing is well over 10 years old and I don't know where they...
  11. MurphysMom

    Wow ots been a while!

    It's been a minute since I've posted in here. Lemmy is 8 now, I can't believe it! He is starting to get a few white hairs under his chin and it makes me kinda sad. He has turned into an amazing dog. Goofy, friendly, energetic amd very smart. He is great with kids, he loves our 6 year old...
  12. MurphysMom

    Acana Feeding

    Acana is a great food. I fed the grain free formulations to Lemmy as a pup. We were on the Grasslands formula then just b/c my older lab can only tolerate fish or lamb. I fed him 1 cup divided into 3 meals. I think young puppies benefit from smaller, more frequent meals. As a 3 year old...
  13. MurphysMom

    Omg this poor doggie!

    I did and now I can't unsee it. All I could think of is the scene from Beerfest when Fink brings the monkey frogs into the bar, "Good god man, what have you done?"
  14. MurphysMom

    What do you feed your dog?

    Fromm Salmon Tunalini here and occasionally Stella and Chewys or Primal frozen raw.