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  • I'm sorry I missed this! I JUST now notice the message!!
    Purple hair is fine with me :)
    With people basically anything is fine as long as your good with animals, trustworthy and can follow directions :)
    I just met a young bather who has face tattoos and well... that's her deal. To me, under 25 with lots of urrr... not the best...face tattoos is a bit of a eyebrow raiser, but thats because now, at almost 50, I realize how much I have changed over the years. Hope she loves those tats forever! When I was 22 or so I lived with a tattoo artist and was gonna have Zebra stripes down my spine. Which would have been cool but I'm pretty ok with not having them now... But Hair! I have had lots of color and styles over the years.
    That's darn fun and you can always re-do it if necessary.
    We are now getting back on track with the sanctuary deal. I will surly let you know if I ever need a good employee!!!
    Now, how do you feel about employees with crazy colored hair?:lol: I'm literally dying (no pun intended) to have purple hair again someday.
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