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Mollie's Nana
Last Activity:
Aug 15, 2017
Nov 26, 2007
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January 12
Insurance Claims

Mollie's Nana

Krypto Super Dog, from Tennessee

Staff Member
Mollie's Nana was last seen:
Aug 15, 2017
    1. Scout’s Mom
      Scout’s Mom
      Can you tell if my dog is a red nose pit bull from my profile photo?
      1. pitbullkorat likes this.
    2. bullymom82
      The new greenway is great. It is a paved path that people bike, run, and walk dogs on. I know it's out by shelby farms, and I live in midtown and it stretches through our part. I am not sure if it goes all the way downtown. Yesterday was the first time we went. Since Hurley is well behaved (no barking or trying to get to the many moving bikes, etc.) he got a wonderful reaction. I could hear people whisper to each other as they passed "wow, what a beautiful dog. Did you see how good he was?" That definitely made my heart swell with pride! And he did amazing with his leash training. He was never terrible, but he picked up heel within the first five minutes! Also, there are police on bikes that patrol the path. I liked that.
    3. Poisoned
      I meant to thank you for the card, for DAYS now! :lol: But every time I got on here to say so, I forgot what I was on the computer for..

      Thank you! It was cute.
    4. Olivia
      Ohh it is quite alright!! Thank you so much <3 What is not quite alright is that we weren't friends already!!!! Unacceptable....I feel so much better that it's rectified now :)
    5. Atlanta Bully Rescue
      Atlanta Bully Rescue
      I like your background! How do you put a song on your page?
    6. Cali's_Finest
      well shank yoou :) hehe
    7. d0r1en0
      = ]

      people try to take her all the time. i really think someone would steal her. shes staying in the house, period. lol
    8. mstngchic2012
      Thank you for the birthday wish :)
    9. jeoestreich
      I know. It just sucks. That is why I am going to go back to school. this way in a few years I can get a job in a hosiptal (I am going to go back of medical labortory science) and then we move in three years, it will be easier for me to get a job. My luck just stinks.
    10. jeoestreich
      Hey hon,
      Thanks for the card. Both Nate and I got a laugh out of it. Hopefully, things will get better. Nate had an interview today at Target. We should find out at the end of the week if he gets it or no so hopefully he gets it.
    11. adjecyca
      I like your avatar!
    12. MARIOKC1
      hi just wanted to past this on to anybody wanting to take agility classes in jackson area jill will be starting classes this sat, you can also look her up on face book hope all is well Jill MatsJanuary 24 at 9:08pm Report
      Beginning Agility class. Sat Jan 29, 3pm Planet Puppy, 1806 Hollywood Drive, Jackson, TN. 6 wk class/ $80.00.
    13. huffynbizkit
      Thank you so much for replying to my message! She is doing much better. We gave her plain yogurt to start but that didn't help so yesterday we bought several cans of pumpkin and that worked!!! She has normal stools now and I still have her on Blue Buffalo, just cut it down to 3x a day with less in her bowl..2/3 c. each time...maybe a little over 2/3. She is doing great and she says, "Thank you, Nana"..lol.. you are an angel! Have a wonderful night!
    14. Sabrina
      :lol: Okay I will try and get it working.
      My dad got me an external harddrive so things should be looking up with the computer soon. Hahaha
    15. Sabrina
      Hey, my photo program is NOT working at all for some reason. :(
      I'll keep trying but thougth I would let you know you might want to get Krista to do them instead. :lol:

      :o Sorry!
    16. Sabrina
      No worries Lorrie. :)
      I logged off to start cooking actually haha.

      BTW I'm sorry about your sugar canister. :( Sucks when things like that happen.
    17. SBTlove
      happy holidays!!!!:winter_smilies_0005
    18. Sabrina

      Happy Holidays, Lorrie! :)
    19. Poisoned
    20. Krista
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    January 12
    Insurance Claims
    Not into drama, honest, peacemaker, friend..

    Educating the public about pit bulls, fighting BSL, reading, 4 wheelers