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  • Theres inane chatter and much growling in the videos. Owen thinks he's a much bigger and badder dog than he is. The ones I posted were taken when he was feeling very chill, believe it or not. Just watch with the volume down :)

    I think they are on page 2 of the video section.

    I must have missed the video. But if there's a possibility of dog noises in videos, I tend to skip over them, or the dogs wake up from their naps to annoy the piss out of me.
    hey! i just wanted to stop by... it's been awhile since i've been on the forum.. but wanted to see how things were going with owen. i remembered you got him right before i went on vacation, so i just wanted to see how things were going. :) every time i see my neighbor's basset i think of yours. theirs cracks me up... so sweet.. and stealthy.. he's like a ninja. HAHA! he just appears. simon never even notices him half the time. hope you're doing fantastic!
    Yes the vet's worked with me and roo, the 2 vets I had took him too after finding him both said he was injected and that his wounds were that of fighting. The dog catcher and I have a friendship and he was there so he told me what the call was over and what was going on,he let me take my dog the other was not so lucky As for my dog being with others, he has never showed any problem for it is all in how you handle things, I am new.I explained that, I am working on all the appropriate paperwork I need as well as finding myself a farm with property. My animal rights is seen as "EVERY ANIMAL BIG OR SMALL SHOW COMPASSION FOR THEM ALL" I am currently enrolled in veterinarian school and have worked for vets over 8 years...yes I know what Im doing...I did not just stumble into this and jump on a band wagon, this is my life...my dogs are happy and we will never know who needs and deserves 2nd chances unless we give them THAT CHANCE.Thankyou for your interest in me"HATE THE ABUSER NOT THE BREED"
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