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Recent content by marriss770

  1. marriss770

    THE Rant Thread

    Clothes shopping sucks ass..shopping for anything sucks ass
  2. marriss770

    THE Rant Thread

    I have to go clothes shopping one of these days :cuss:
  3. marriss770

    how do you deal with Fast Eaters?

    My dogs eat fast. By the time the bowl is down for the 3rd dog, the 1st one is done. They don't chew their food, they inhale it. I've never had an issue with it. My oldest is 15 and and I've never had a dog that had problems with eating fast. They know if they don't eat it when it's down...
  4. marriss770

    Water bowl problems

    I don't put water in my dogs crates
  5. marriss770

    TOTW...Extreme Shedding?!

    Maybe it's just a seasonal thing? I feed TOTW and my 3 do good on it.
  6. marriss770

    The Good Thread

  7. marriss770

    The Good Thread

  8. marriss770

    The Good Thread

    It's fish fry season here in Western Pennsylvania......:party:
  9. marriss770

    THE Rant Thread

    GTFO of the left lane if you don't know what it's for....... that's all I got today! Congrats on the juice fast. I would fall over dead without my protein :lol:
  10. marriss770

    The Good Thread

    Awesome job thin people!
  11. marriss770

    The Good Thread

    I'm back into a size 6 from a tight 8......AND I've got stuffed hot banana peppers in the oven right now. If that isn't good, I don't know what is!!
  12. marriss770

    One Click Captures

    Gotta be one of my favorites on here
  13. marriss770

    The Good Thread

    GOB, I'm just headed towards Milford...not anywhere near you! I'm hoping it's not too bad. Everyone keeps telling me to buy a new car, but I just can't part with my good old mini van
  14. marriss770

    What age to leave dog home alone?

    Because I don't want my dogs eating something that winds up blocking them. Just a personal choice