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  • Wow thats a sweet banner you have for Thor. My one Pit is named Loki. Maybe you could recommend who did yours to me and I might be able to get one done.
    hi mandreweav!
    just thought I would add ya to my friends list, I havn't got much on here so... lmao how pathethic.. ^^
    Hi, I just wanted to say thank for the comment on Snack. It is a funny name, when I named her she was so tiny and when she hung out with my 100 lbs pit mix she looked so tiny it made me think if the cartoon "Father of the Pride" about the Sigfred and Roy lions, the main lion in the show best friend was a little ground squirrel name "Snack". So anyway that the histroy of that. BTW, I think you dog is georous!
    Did I see a couple of Sigs that you made for other members...do you by chance make them in your spare time for a doggy treat ??? I am computer ignat lol
    Hey mandreweav, check out my blog entry, sure you'll feel more happy about it then yesterday's excitement
    hey mandreweav wat program did u use to do your pic in your signature?? thats really cool..:D
    oh yea and your dog is absalutly gawjuss..:D
    Just dropping by to say Thor is STUNNING! I'm so jealous. I LOVE the blue eyes. Amazing.
    Hi Mand!!!you have a nice APBT similar to my White Lion ...I would like to have your opinion regarding my dogs.
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