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Last Activity:
Dec 14, 2009
Nov 5, 2008
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Little Dog

lovapit was last seen:
Dec 14, 2009
    1. GreenstonesPits
      WOW I SO DIDNT EXPECT YOU TO BE MAORI!! NOW THATS EVEN BETTER!!...far u from the Naki ay..thats a nice place down there ay..i went for a random trip there once to meet a mate ay...lol..didnt even know where to go just followed the signs ahaha...
      oh tru far thats gutt ranching!!..yea im heading back to NZ end of november for a couple weeks got my 21st on the 24th then the Pitbull show on the 29th so itl be a fun week!..:D:D..
      yea im from Up Auckland ways ay..my family own a island off Great Barrier Island which is off the cost of Auckland ay..so yea lol i was brought up on a island lol..nothing better then swimming in the rain playing in the 100kg+ winds in winter lol...
      yea its nice in Perth thats y im planing on buying a hose end of next year closer to where i work with a bigger yard so i can get me another dog..:D..
      so what u do for a job?...
      well i have to go just got back from work & now i gota get ready to take Stunnah to puppy Pre School..:D:D..
      yea chat to u later
    2. lovapit
      Awsome pics of Stunner, love her, she's gorgeous!! Me and me whanau been here 9 years in Perth, we're from the Naki NewPlymouth, everyone in my whanau have gone back for a 60th bar me, Im pretty bumbed, wishing I sorted out my shit earlier so I could have gone, might still go over in a couple of weeks though to see my old man in Wellington but again, the 60th will be over and all my whanau would have all gone back home, gotta sort my shit with work first.
      Its cruisy here, we love it, wont go back home until the kids have all grow'd up and moved on with themselves, Gosnells isssssssssss ages away from you, its a poxy town, got your putz Coon areas, and then you've got your nice area, we're sort of in between.

      Shit! gotta cruise Ill be late back for work, chat to you later..
    3. GreenstonesPits
      far yea that was random as to see ur post in the RSPCA thread!..i was like WOW YAAY ANOTHER OZZIE!(well im not exactly Ozzie im a Kiwi was just buzzing out though)..lol..Oh yea hmm i wonder if she did make it here ay...
      oh tru lol i dont know where Gosnells is lol i havent yet been around Perth..lol..iv only been down to the city & to joondalup lol..
      yea id love to catch up sometime!..just have to find the right time ay..most weekends im free during the week i work the most unpredictable hours ay..its un real!..lol..
      haha yea its kinda a quiet place lol i live 3 blocks away from the one of the main pubs and every weekend i can hear it going off..lol..OMGS yea they are everywhere!..lol..
      centre link??..lol..
      oh tru lol enjoy the pics i havnt got pics of my other girl Breeze who is also back in NZ..:(:(...
      oh yup yup shell chat soon..:)

    4. lovapit
      Hey there GreenstonesPits, Im in the hole Gosnells, far what a spin out hey? Toby101 was moving to Perth too, but havent heard from her in a few months, she was moving from Goldcoast over to here, maybe we should catch up eh? Northam, I thought that place was a quiet hick town, large blocks and a couple of pubs?? Coons??? in Northam, do you's have a centre link there??? LOL!
      Thanks for the message, Im off to check out your pic's of your dogs, will chat to you soon aye?

    5. GreenstonesPits
      hey lovapit IM FROM PERTH ASWEL!..i was just reading your messages (hope u dont mind) so you live down the south end of Perth?...far i live up in the the dump NORTHAM haha..omgs never seen so many aboriginals! except i her the MEEKA had ALOT of aboriginals..one almost picked a fight with my mate when she was thea for her rodeo for no reason she just grabbed her shirt & called her a whit SL*T..SCARY lol..
      well hope we can talk some more!..cant believe iv found someone from Perth!..btw ur pooch is stunning!!..:)
      hope to hear back from you
      take care
    6. Toby101
      Hi Shazza - thank you so much for your response, I have sent you through a private message :)
    7. lovapit
      Hey there!, what do you do for a job?, are you planning on renting, or buying a home? I cant wait to meet Toby, Arwyn would love a play mate too, we can perhaps meet up at the awsome dog park that we have here, me and Arwyn go every second Sunday, Perth is really laxed when it comes to Pitbulls, most rangers are good, me being one of them, there's no ban as such, as long as your dog is registered to your shire (where ever you end up locating to) as say a Staffy X what ever, your pretty safe, its really good here and we've never had any dramas with our dogs, awsome that sounds great, we'll have to meet up, If you need any help or assistance finding out about specific area's, just let me know, we live South of the River, being Gosnells, Canningvale, Southern River, Beldivis area, let me know what area you're thinking of looking at and I'll help you out best I can..cheers Shazza..
    8. Toby101
      OMG LOL!!!! I will definitely thank you so much for the offer. We are flying over from 6-12 July to have a look around at the different places and to decide which area to live. I am thinking about getting a transfer from my work as we have an office in Perth as well. What a coincidence, you will get to meet Toby.... how exciting. Are pitbulls ban in WA??
    9. lovapit
      Im In Wa, Perth, its beautiful here, any questions just ask away, you need any help, just gimme a buzz, we'll have to catch up when your all settled, come round for a swim and a BBQ?
    10. Toby101
      I live in Brisbane, Queensland but in the next 6 weeks will be packing up and moving to Western Australia and I can't wait. Never been there before and it is going to be a six day drive but apparently it is really beautiful. Where abouts are you from?
    11. lovapit
      No worries, thanks for the compliment, where abouts in Auzz are you?
    12. Toby101
      Hey mate, thanks for the add. You sure do have a beautiful pooch.
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