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Last Activity:
Jan 8, 2014
Feb 3, 2008
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Good Dog, from Colorado

littledozer24 was last seen:
Jan 8, 2014
    1. Krista
    2. littledozer24
      I wish I had more information for you. I can try to look up so imformation for you but at least at the moment I own my home and have not had to look into it. I live in the Colorado Springs so you will have to let me know when you get here.
    3. dieselsmum
      Just wondering, are any places in CO very "pitbull" friendly? Looking to move out there within the next few months to Colorado Springs,... seems like all the complexes have breed restrictions =( Thanks!
    4. scfrink
      I'm trying to see how i can post my questions or is this it??
    5. Vicki
    6. axion5150
      awww, i'm super bummed i can't post my beautiful boy in the male contest forum for this month...don't know why it's not letting me...help me pretty please?
      Thanks tons!
      -Cody Lee
    7. Cream is Pitbulls
      Cream is Pitbulls
      Oh Thanks and its ok!!
    8. Cream is Pitbulls
      Cream is Pitbulls
      Hello I wanted to know how can i acess the american bully forum?
    9. mikasmom
      Hi! Quick question, can we enter only one contest per month? Or can we enter 1 photo for each contest (male, female,theme)? Let me know! This is so fun! Thanks! :)
    10. jeezypitbulls
    11. Vinnyboy
      He's a gorgeous dog. Vinny is from Wildside Kennels too. Vinny is my brothers dog that I dogsit while he works. I fell in love with him so much so that I wanted to get a dog from wildside, but being what happened ;(, I dont think that will be the case, Vinnys parents are Xena and Vader, he looks more like Xena to me. But you Pit looks very very nice.
    12. Vicki
    13. black_caesar72
      Did I do something wrong in the Male of the month categry
    14. Neostar
      oh ok..sorry did not know!!The first time I posted it i read everything didn't even see that she had to be 1 year.And I posted it again cause I thought I just didn't post it!!
    15. 619loc
      wat up i saw your dog in the gazzete and i was wondering what pedigree your dog comes from
    16. hacksaw
      Hi I'm new to the computer so please be patient with me. I have an american bull I have trained him from birth to be a service dog. He is very well behaved. he gets a rash under his chin, and on his chest, todayhe had pimple on his shoulder I cleaned it and put neosporin on it. It seems to be healing. It also had pit in the center, like a boil. Does anyone have any ideas on how to eliminate this problem?
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