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Recent content by Lillie May

  1. Lillie May

    Keep Paws Crossed ... Blood Panel Posted

    That's so cool! It makes me think of the Nat Geo channel's Dr. Pohl, he goes out to farms plus he has his regular practice. I'm aware of several vets here in Ohio that do it as well, especially the more rural areas. The strength of these dogs is a constant amazement to me! I don't weigh a whole...
  2. Lillie May

    Over arousal

    Thanks for letting me know it's a different pup. I can believe you took a class and I can tell you from personal experience, you may have to keep going back to basics time & time again. Each spring I have to start over with leash manners, but it's starting to get easier. You have a young pup, so...
  3. Lillie May

    Keep Paws Crossed ... Blood Panel Posted

    First, good luck Trusty!! The years fly by, that's for sure. I'll bet he's still a good looking fella and you wouldn't know he's 10ish, would you? Secondly, do you have the option of a vet coming to you and/or going to them? How does that work where you are?
  4. Lillie May

    Quick question.

    My granny was from Kentucky! I know even without the Meth problem the folks never did take kindly to someone asking questions, lol! It's beautiful there, I miss it. That pic you posted is great, that's the face of a happy girl. Have you asked if you could walk her or just play fetch, or should I...
  5. Lillie May

    Quick question.

    I just watched the video again, I mistook the blowing thing for someone standing there! Silly me..........squirrel........distractions! Ha ha again sorry! She wanted you to pet her btw, she put her head briefly on your hand. She was, as the astute Madeleinemom pointed out, approaching in a...
  6. Lillie May

    New here, might stay a while after I get a Pit of my own!

    Welcome to PBC! It's the best place there is for great advice and factual information.
  7. Lillie May

    Buried a great one today

    Adding my sympathies, it's always the worst when we lose one. I'm really sorry for your loss. R.I.P. Blue, run free chasing all the hogs you want.
  8. Lillie May

    Over arousal

    Yes, sometimes that works but on an already worked up pup you get the exact opposite. Is this the same pushy little shit, or am I remembering it wrong? How old is he now? If it's the same one I remember, did any of the other tips work? Can you post another video? I think he's still very much a...
  9. Lillie May

    Quick question.

    Is it a shared yard, or has she left her yard? I ask because of two things, first and most importantly, where's her owner? Leaving your dog (of any breed) is not what we advocate for here, being a responsible owner means not letting your dog out unattended for any reason! Secondly, if she gets a...
  10. Lillie May

    Drum Roll - Found a Picture of Trusty and Managed to Upload It I Hope

    I love him! Look at that paw on your lap, he's saying I own you now, because that's how they get you! Blocky headed BBM's are the next best thing to the real ones IMO. He's a very handsome guy, thanks for sharing him.
  11. Lillie May

    Montreal passes controversial pit bull ban

    It's not even a boxer!!! It was determined to be a rott, mastiff, golden retriever mix. They showed a picture of the damn dog in one of the links above. How anyone could call THAT dog a pit bull or even a boxer is truly beyond me. Seriously, WTF?!
  12. Lillie May

    Tonka posed next to this statue without us!

    That's a very cool carving, she looks perfect there Nat! Glad you guys had a nice outing. I hope Tonka has more good days like that.
  13. Lillie May

    Toy suggestions

    Use that to your advantage! Throw the toys but keep the squeaky toy in your hand. Say, "go get it!", really excited. As soon as he starts bringing it to you say good boy, good boy, bring it!!! When he's super close, squeak the toy and give him a treat! Make it a party. It's how I teach ours...
  14. Lillie May

    Rikki, getting brave!

    I love watching you work with her. She loves you so much, it just shines out of her! How do you teach each thing? Can you walk me through it? It's such fun to watch and would love to know more about it.
  15. Lillie May

    New Member

    Welcome to PBC!