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  • I don't know what happened but it let me read it once not reply and then i tried to get back into it and it wouldn't open so silly
    LOL,sry it was late and my brain wasnt working! Glad you have a good memory to have known what i was talking about, causewhat i typed came out pretty random..haha. You should post a pic of your one of your pups in one of your coats for that post. i LOVE the name Gypsy btw! love it! Have a good day! :)
    well.. i didnt see any of the dogs pictures model their coats?? :( ther was to many huh?! LOL

    here information about anito halsbanden

    The white collar is 3.15 inches which is 8cm wide black collar is 7cm wide that is 2.76 inches. the white collar contains more than 75 spikes are not sharp, but blunt. if you give me the dimensions you want, preferably in inches.
    I can make it. I think the shipping costs to America's 25 euro white collar costs $ 180 dollar

    Depends on the course how wide you want the collar and how long

    ANITO halsbanden/ collars / tuigen /harness
    I measured from front of shoulders not midpoint so we might need to add a couple inches Also. You don't do cod's? Star was scared of the tape measure
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