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    We decided to spruce things up and fix some things under the hood. If you notice any issues, feel free to contact us as we're sure there are a few things here or there that we might have missed in our upgrade.

Leslie H
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  • Leslie H, thank you for the info. about the WP event in E.Haddam. I thought it was great! My 7 year old son loved it, (you might remember him he touch Rose when she got off the rail). The guy was not very happy! Sorry he did not know, it was our first time going to one of these. I would have loved to stay and see the bigger dogs, but after my son's "inccident" he felt so bas and so ebarassed that he just wanted to go home. It was a great experience.
    Your welcome, we've got too many cases of the blind leading the blind on here (and I'm among the most guilty).

    We are doing great, we've learned Amp loves the water and we've been doing lots of playing fetch in the Allegeney river. Thats her reward for dragging some chains.

    Susan is going great. We MIGHT go to the ADBA show in NJ in Fall, are you planning on going?
    Hi, where are the photos of the pups, I am trying to show someone at work Soleil's massive form and...
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