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Recent content by leavesofjoy

  1. leavesofjoy

    Veronica Lynn Pit-Bull 6/18/06 - 7/18/21

    I remember you and Veronica and all her silly antics! I loved watching the videos of her, I am so sorry to hear she is gone. She was a beautiful soul, such a character, and I could see how much she was loved.
  2. leavesofjoy

    Loose stools - 9 mo old American Bully

    Our boy had this issue for many months as a pup, despite the vet never finding anything wrong. We tried many foods, and the pattern turned out to be that he's allergic to peas, which are in many foods. Not saying Sophie is allergic to peas also, but look over the foods she's had, and see if...
  3. leavesofjoy

    Ivermectin Information

    Heartgard is ivermectin.
  4. leavesofjoy

    Food Rec? 8 Month Old has loose stool - Orijen

    No problem, the gut issues have been a serious journey for us! Griff is on Natural Balance Limited Ingredient chicken & rice. It was the only one I could find that was really truly only one protein. He still has some issues we're working on, but the diarrhea at least has stopped.
  5. leavesofjoy

    Food Rec? 8 Month Old has loose stool - Orijen

    We started our boy Griffin on Orijen, and he had constant loose stools for a long time before we figured out he's got a sensitivity to peas, and to the high level of fat and protein in foods like Orijen. Our previous dog had done great for 15 years on Orijen, but I think it's just too much for...
  6. leavesofjoy


    It says the collar "can determine if your dog is happy, relaxed, anxious, angry or sad. " What about "I just really enjoy barking because it's fun!", which is Griffin's main motivation?
  7. leavesofjoy


    And to you, too!
  8. leavesofjoy

    So glad my monster dog didn’t kill them!!

    So cute! Glad they live another day, to feed a hawk or something, probably! Griffin almost dislocated my arm last night trying to take off after one in our yard. It always hangs out in the same spot, and one of these days when he's off leash, he's gonna get it.!
  9. leavesofjoy


    Happy Birthday, Teddy! Looks like you had a good day! :))
  10. leavesofjoy

    Griffin's digestive woes - pancreas issues?

    Yikes, time flies! It's been a month since I posted last, how did that happen? @-) Griffin's digestion is doing great, he hasn't had any issues since we started the new food, which is a big improvement, he had been having bouts every couple weeks. He isn't thrilled about the food, it takes some...
  11. leavesofjoy

    Puppy backpacks

    When my boy was a pup, I found it basically impossible to wear him out through physical exercise alone. I used a treadmill, and if 15 minutes on it was enough one day, he would need 20 minutes a few days later. The physical exercise is important, and will really help with physical and...
  12. leavesofjoy

    Puppy backpacks

    I started Griffin with an empty backpack at about 6 months old, just to get him used to the feeling. I don't think I added any weight until he was around a year, I read that was a good time to start at 5% of his weight. He took to it pretty well, it was associated with going out, hiking, and...
  13. leavesofjoy

    Bad behaviour.. showing signs of aggression??

    Doesn't sound like aggression so much as normal adolescent dog assholery. My boy was the same at that age, didn't want to mind, nippy and rudely pushy when he didn't get his way. That time of their growth, their brains are rearranging & redeveloping almost from scratch, and everything you taught...
  14. leavesofjoy


    Ok, so you're just going to double down on the racism. Good for you. Nothing more I can say here.
  15. leavesofjoy


    How about not being murdered in the street for the generally non-capital offense of forgery? How about being allowed to peacefully protest systemic injustice without being teargassed, while at the same time, white folks who want haircuts are allowed to show up at courthouses with military...