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  • Hi! Your Laila looks like she could be my Pooh's sister! She's beautiful. I was looking at that purple harness she has on -- what brand is that? I have the Easy Walk one and he can actually get out of it if he really wants to go after a squirel or something. I like how your harness attaches in the front.
    Thanks for the compliment on Stoney, and really no there is not 1 thing he wont attempt to do!! He is so willing to please!!
    lol - well finish the college.. best choice you could ever make.. seems your bf has his mind made up - lol
    it is decent size - hes not fibbing lol.. its just the actual town itself is not that big.. we have a lot of ppl drive from 2-3 towns over to work here.. so it seems bigger than it actually is. I do not know them, but I bet my parents would - I have yet to meet anyone they do not know.. lol My dad owns Wilcox transmission on Towson (David Wilcox) and my mother is a well known Nurse here (Kim Wilcox).. if you talk to your aunt or uncle.. they might know my parents.. or atleast their work places. Do you ever come visit? I was born and raised here, but one day, when my parents are gone, I want out - this town is going down hill very fast. it is like it literally have a invisible line right in the middle of it where one side of the town is bad -(drugs, thefts, exc) and 2 feet away, the other side is good (nurses, hard working people).. I live right on that line LOL!
    Fort Smith is actually not that big. I can go from one side to the other in 10 minutes. now the actual town is HUGE - but the living part is small..
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