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  • Yeah, I hear you. She is pretty sweet I love her. She will get a chance, the right person will come along. I wish it was me!
    Yeah, I hear you. She is pretty sweet I love her. She will get a chance, the right person will come along. I wish it was me!
    Thanks, that is Karmella who is available for adoption at the shelter I work at. :) She has been there almost a year, I wish I could bring her home. :(
    Thank for the comments. Funny you mention the boy thing. I have him in an orange/red/black flames collar and people still refer to him as a her when we are out.. lol my poor boy.

    We do go riding a lot. We are in southern california. 90% of our riding is at Glamis, I grew up going to the dunes and much prefer it over any hard stuff but we do go there on occassion because its hard places are much closer. I need to put some updated pictures on here though. Those are from before he turned 1, hes 2 now lol. Hes a natural desert dog.
    aww thanks g/f, he melts me too.. and he knows it, which makes him a brat :LOL, just teasing.. he is an amazing boy.
    Lol thanks,
    I try my best to make her looks as girly as possiable because I always seem to get asked if she's a boy lol
    hey , how u been, ramsey is doin well , he is about to turn 5 months and is at 45lbs and growing , the potty training is doin very well. will post pics soon. thanks for asking
    Yeah it's a funny song. lol I'm Puerto Rican and Italian. I always get Asian or other Latin American countries for example: Brazilian, Mexican, Colombian, etc etc. Thanks for the picture comment. Those are by brother's kids, but I don't put captions on my pics to keep people guessing.Lol
    btw I'm 27, but I don't look my age. Lol
    What's your nationality? You never can tell. Lol
    Yeah I would always get chased by security. Lol that was fun. My knees are much better now.
    I used to work in heating and air conditioning, but now I a cook/ chef.
    How bout you?
    And how old are you?
    Back in the late 90's - early 2000's I used to skate aggressively ( grind, handrails, ramp, etc.) and ended up with knee problems.So I don't skate as much any more.
    The collar is very helpful. I mostly use it when I'm in the yard with him and once in a while when we go for walks. Here's the link. Stillwater Kennel Supply --
    I'm not sure I know what your asking, lol. The contest winner models? I'm making their coats this summer so they can have them for this winter :) Too many personal events and then too many orders were placed to have time to finish them this winter.
    Thanks for the comments.
    I got the collar from Stillwater kennel supply and it's at really affordable price.
    Blues usually have skin problems, but Humble has a very minor case. I really don't notice it. I notice it like once every 5 - 6 months. So what kind of skating do you do?
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