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Julie k
Last Activity:
Oct 5, 2016
Apr 3, 2008
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Houston, TX

Julie k

Little Dog, from Houston, TX

Julie k was last seen:
Oct 5, 2016
    1. Boogieman
      Don't think I have any uploaded on here sorry. :(

      Check my started threads I think you will find some that way :)
    2. K9 Love
      K9 Love
      Find me on Kayce's facebook! It's been too long! :) We have so much to chat about!!
    3. Vicki
    4. K9 Love
      K9 Love
      Hey Julie long time no talk! I don't come here so often anymore but came to yell a "Hello!" to ya! ;)

      I've been trying super hard to get a handle on SATS and I've incorporated it to a lot of the tricks and obedience excercises I do... Specifically Roxy's heel. She was a serious lagger before, excellent auto-sits, but she just had no desire to perk up, she was a pacer.

      Now?! With the IB? Her heel is 1000 times better, and I attribute it solely to the IB. It trully is amazing the difference it's made. I understand now, more clearly then ever, why SATS is so much more effective, and efficient then just plain shaping. So much more of the behaviour is captured and rewarded with the IB as opposed to just the end result. You trully can identify ALL parts of the behaviour, it makes a HUGE difference to me and I thank you for showing me this very new, innovative method to me. It really is amazing! :)
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    Houston, TX