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  • AHHH! well thanks, that really means a lot to me =) I just hope I can help clear the air sooner than later on the American Bullies.
    Hey J! Just wanted to post some LUV to you and your bullies!!! What post were you talking about that Purple posted and made you think of me??!! LOL I curious...
    Me and my big BULLIES~~
    Hey j, I spoke to the vet last week and they said that he is at the age where it may be normal for his legs to look like that. The vet asked what type of food we had him on and we told them Innova LB puppy and they said that is fine. His legs actually look like they are straightening out. He's been with us a little over a week and he has a LOT more energy and is running and playing a lot more. Thanks for asking! I'll be sure to keep my thread updated. I will be taking more pics this week to show the progress :)
    thanks- i think that narrow-mindedness is silly. there are better, more useful way to prove our dogs these days... at least for those that have made the journey to the 21st century!
    Im not sure, Josh.. If your really worried, you can post that question up in the Health Section. If it were my dog though, I dont think I would be too concerned considering it wasnt there today. :) I would just watch them close and if anything seemed off, then Id call my vet.
    LOL! Why thanks! Dont feel it either! My oldest is probably your age, hes a Joshua too. ;)
    Cool!! They have facebook "sorta" blocked at work, I can only get in on the "lite" side... which I hate... what name is it though, so I can be sure to approve you? Glad to have you here!
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