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Apr 7, 2012
Dec 30, 2009
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Little Dog

jreyes was last seen:
Apr 7, 2012
    1. Mrpedigree
      I hate people being cruel to animals like hucklebutt has...yet you defend her !
    2. Mrpedigree
      When have i ever directed anything toward you ??:confused: what makes you want to attack me ? i have not once directed anything toward you :confused:
      When have i not posted any facts that wasnt true about Hucklebutt,daniellelv or her kennel name zerlett kennels??
      Has she not performed animal cruelty by breeding under aged,un-health tested dogs on their first heat,all to sell un health tested puppys ?
      Her back yard breeding ethics has been found out on here and the other forums shes been banned from....
      You must condone what shes done or else why would you attack me ?
      Dont shoot the messenger....
      I feel people that breed like her or treat animals the way she does should be shut down !
      Shes all wrong !
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