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  • Humble and I are doing well. I'm trying to get him adjusted to his new environment. We are moving to Rochester N.Y. in a few months. It was hard to find a place that would accept his breed, but it worked out very well. I was going to hang out with Sonya in Chicago, the deal wasn't right. Maybe one day. Lol Sunburn?! What's your ethnicity?
    What's up Joey?! I hope you and Zoey have been doing well and enjoying that California sunshine. Lord knows I would. Lol
    Well I guess you can call him. He has a few new leads (braided handle). Lol I'll check out the Zoey pics soon. I'm doing good. Hopefully I'll be moving back to NYC or New Jersey. I'm a little excited, but my birthday is very close to Christmas and things never really workout around that time. But I'm trying to be optimistic. Lol
    They are laid back today, it's raining all day so they are being lazy snuggled up together. Hubby is asleep too lol, I'm the only one awake, even the cats are asleep. XP I was just saying on the "what do you look like" thread your pics were cute and I was wondering what your nationality is hehe. ;)
    I'm from Brooklyn, NYC, but I live in Syracuse, NY for the time being. Have you ever been to the east coast?
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