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Last Activity:
Nov 16, 2009
May 14, 2008
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Home of the Orange and Blue!
Student, Vet Tech


Little Dog, from Home of the Orange and Blue!

innocence621 was last seen:
Nov 16, 2009
    1. Evo17
      i noticed that ur from the home of the orange and blue that wudnt be florida wud it? anyways i was just wondering where you got your males ears cropped and how old was he when you got it done he lookes pretty old in the pic i seen. bcuz i live in tallahassee and im lookin for a place to get my second pup ear cropped and i was wondering if it was to late for my 7month ol pup
    2. Jelet
      Havoc is looking good
    3. Pitboyz08
      Hey girl ..long time no chat..hope allis well with you and hope that your wedding plans are coming along..hugs CJ
    4. Vicki
    5. apbtluver
      Ummm, photos?
    6. Vicki
    7. WhitePitBull#1
      if there's no rape,why did my Rottie fight against my Doberman who had his way with her even if she wasn t in heat?If she's not in heat,no chance for them to have puppies,my doberman was just a mean,cranky old horndog that didn't take no for an answer,if that ain't rape then I don't know what the hell...:confused:
    8. apbtluver
      PHOTOS! MUST POST PHOTOS! ha ha - couldn't resist....too impatient! PHOTOS!
    9. PNWPBR
      pnwpbr@yahoo.com :)
    10. PNWPBR
      I can measure him if it would help? and yes BLUE is perfect, funny that you mention orange because his new Ellas Lead has orange flecks. LOL (blue and orange is a gators thing right?).

      Pm me the cost or txt me, Krissy has my number. Im excited to start!

      p.s. give Terra a kiss from us!
    11. PNWPBR
      Hey Crystal!!!!!

      Rio loves blue.... hint hint. Someone told me maybe I could beg you to make something for him. ;)
    12. apbtluver
      Hey lady! What time are we leaving next Saturday? I got Beaner a backpack to wear so that he could carry water for us, him, and Havoc. (I'd put snacks in there but then I'd never get him to walk...he'd do circles to get to the food in the bag.)
    13. PNWPBR
      Funny that you ask, Rio just lost a top tooth last nite! I want to save his canines when he loses them. Im such a dork!
    14. PNWPBR
      OMG I heart that picture! Ri's ears look like that too!
    15. apbtluver
      It doesn't matter either way. I can pick her up tomorrow if you want? I'm only working half a day tomorrow.
    16. PNWPBR
      Give Terra-Bear a kiss from her brother!!!!
    17. PNWPBR
      New pics posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Terras colors are so stunning! Her brother sends kisses!
    18. allenarango
      hey babe what's up girl
    19. allenarango
      cj are you there
    20. apbtluver
      Just wanted to say congrats on Chase passing her CGC, Piston's Best Puppy, and all of Havoc's ribbons. You guys def. did well this past weekend.
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    Home of the Orange and Blue!
    Student, Vet Tech
    My dogs, vet med