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Dec 13, 2009
Jul 19, 2009
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Dec 13, 2009
    1. GAME2DEFkennels
      A true generational dog man... u have more years then me but I got a nutral 24yrs born in it... but u got history and I tilt my hat... I been looking for historic blacks that had blooo in those days and wat is a tru negro bred bloodline cuz this a whiteman sport historicly not gangs and drug dealer...I would like a copy of any matches I can read about yo pops...
    2. icyblack
      Hello guy's , nothing much to tell about me except i love dogs.
    3. icyblack
      Well old school is here. I know i'm going to love you guys
    4. icyblack
      Hi im new on the chat line, I'm 52 male and don't know what it means to be without the american pit bull terrier. My dad raised them and his father before him i have pictures of our dogs all the way back to 1927. My father died in 1985 he was over ninety. I' m a straight shooter. and have a couple of dog's. One off the tombstone line. And one off that old plumbers alligator line. rare blood, good dogs. Not to be confused with the gator blood line. That's good blood to. Well i'm here now so let me shut up willing to tell what i know. And listen
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