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  • Sux.....trading in my 300c for a subaru wrx,fucking car is useless in this weather.
    Also trying to get a new pup,dont know who or what to go with.Bout you?
    Hey there Humble Pit! I love your blue! check out my boy baracus! Ill post up pics of our boy hulk! Im sure you will love him! have a great day and feel free to look threw our dogs and our gear!
    Man...my Chevy got stuck and its front wheel drive,i tried geting out 30mins later it ran outa gas.That shit is sitting in the middle of the block about 2miles away.My Chrysler is buried you
    cany even see it.Plus it has a Hemi and its rear wheel drive its useless in this weather.So im
    stuck with this dumb bitch next to me....how fun!This Snow SUCKSSSSSSSS
    Damn we aint got no snow yet,same here Deisel is leaning on me right now!67hrs!!!!You put in that serious overtime...get that gwop!!!!
    73 pounds!! Holy crap! Jackson is only 7 months and is 50 pounds! We're both in for some big bruisers!
    Things are fine here. Thank you for the compliment! The only thing we can do about reputation is as individual owners socialize and train our dogs to be good examples. A WELL BRED ambully should be able to excel at any dog sport: conformation, weight pull, dock diving or whatever. I'm talking about classic or standard ambullies, the pocket or extreme is imo very limited. Humble looks to be in good shape. Make sure you feed him the best food you can afford and exercise...thats what I do for my dogs the rest is in the genetics. Good luck and let me know if I can help.
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