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Last Activity:
Jan 23, 2020
Feb 7, 2010
Likes Received:
Dec 20, 1983 (Age: 37)
syracuse / Brooklyn N.Y.


Good Dog, 37, from syracuse / Brooklyn N.Y.

Humblepit was last seen:
Jan 23, 2020
    1. yanja
      i dont blame you for wanting to move back! how long you going to be there for?
      hahah miami and hawaii arent for sure they are just something i been thinking about doing this summer and if not ill go to either one for my 21st!! yea i suppose you can say i travel a good amount. do you travel alot?
      oh i volunteered there for alternative spring break (through my college where we go somewhere to volunteer during our vacations) i dont remember the exact streets i tink it was like on onagonda or something but syrause is a boring city while we were there i dont know how you live there hahhaha
    2. kamikaze
      looks like a man whore page up in hurr....lmao ;p
    3. kamikaze
      yep yep..in my one album.. theres a few of me! :)
    4. yanja
      nice! a road trip?? flordia is amazing i want to move there!!
      you know i was actually in syracuse, which i see is where you are from, this spring break volunteering with rescue mission,the homeless organization. thats crazy! small world
      ummm yeah i am going to mongolia this summer and hopefully going to miami and hawaii lool
    5. TrixiePig
      I am hooked on bullies! I want a blue one day
    6. kamikaze
      I ride dirt bikes, skate, and WORK WORK WORK! ;D yahhh!!

      So which of the ladies in ur album is yours? I seen one super cutie!! ooowww!
    7. yanja
      hey whassup??
      things are going well just getting ready for the summer :lol: :)
    8. kamikaze
      soo.. do you game at all?? ps3? black ops???
    9. TrixiePig
      your welcome! say hi to Humble
    10. kamikaze
      PPL are payin high dollar for these dogs and for random reasons they end up in shelters or whereever... IVE SEEN A LOT OF nice lookin ones...but recently ive seen a SHITLOAD of dope pitties that need rescued comin from LA/California area... haha.. i know im ranting .,, ill letcha go!! how old is your bwoy? how did u ever come up with tha name humble?
    11. kamikaze
      her real name is 'kamikaze' kazi for short and mama is her nickname ;) haha confusing i KNOW! She just turned 2. I rescued her when she ws like 6months.... my auntie rescues and helps with transports of MASTIFFS and my auntie wa goin to her friends do a transport and the lady showed her kazi and her brother..said they got her off some dude who was gna take em to a (kill) shelter because she had mange... I ended up fostering her and then adopting her.... she even came with papers... but i never got her registered cuz shes just my bottom bitch anyways :p thats when i got into the world of rescues and helpin out... LEMME TELL YOU.. i am ABSOLUTLY AMAZED at the BEAUTIFUL stunning pitties and yes pittie mixes that ive ran across...
      Im aight bro,going through some stuff.....my ex is giving me hell ill be back thou,Deisel is find
    13. Joey&Zoey
      your welcome and cali is treating me well now that we are getting a glimpse of our regular cali sunny weather ;) I sincerely hope the rain has come to a closure now. Which part of the country are you from?
    14. CelticKarma
    15. sonyasaranee
      Hey, thanks for the friendship! XD
    16. phbullies
      Pups all wound up in good homes. I've been busy with working out of town and being away from the family. Stressful but I don't know many people having an easy time of it lately. What about you? Hows things?
      Try the Goughnut black,Deisel shredds every toy too but this one is putting up a good fight!
      Wassup bro long time,Thanx for asking...Deisel is doing great.How bout ur pup?Heard you got the Nissan on the road...
      For sure thanx for advice bro,but from my "little" research if you want a bully i would
      go with PHPITS aka PHBULLIES parents are solid nice blood,and for APBT i would go with BOOGIEMAN his blood is good too...show quality his pups and his older dogs look
      really fit.Not only that but i like the fact he has a AMBULLY too that shit looks fit bro!Do some research on these guys they are killing them right now!
      Well the subaru i was looking at is a 05 tuned up already,rims,exhaust and turbo.Its a wrx/sti
      but the hatchback one.I dont like the sedan looks toooo fast&furious for me.I really want a Bully but also APBT would be nice too.i want someting with good blood something i could do shows with.Im already talkin to a breeder from here already even got my eyes on a pup but lets see what happens
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  • About

    Dec 20, 1983 (Age: 37)
    syracuse / Brooklyn N.Y.
    A guy from Brooklyn NYC traveling like a gypsy.

    all types of art, cars, and cooking.