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  • Glad the pumpkin worked... remember you can freeze it into serving size cubes using an ice tray and then putting them in ziploc bags, that's what I do. I always keep a few cans on hand, and if I see them on sale at the grocery, I buy a few extra cans.... you can never have too much, being as it will work for loose stools or constipation... :)
    I don't know about the scratching. Could just be stress too. I'd give her a few weeks on this food and if she doesn't get better, maybe she could be allergic. I doubt it at this stage though. The yogurt that you bought should help and definitely look for pumpkin if you can.

    I reckon all this is just from stress and switching foods. I am pretty sure that she should be as good as new in a few weeks unless something else is wrong (like allergies or something).
    Just read this AND reply to thread..thank you. I don't know what they were feeding her at the HS Shelter but she DID go straight to BB. Her BM's were normal at first..I will try the lesser amount 3x a day..hang on..on the bag: Holistic Blue Buffalo w/ LifeSource bits..Lamb and Oatmeal puppy food...I'm sooo stupid! On the feeding chart (my dumb a@@ just read it) it says to feed 1 to 2 1/2 cup per day for pups 1-3 mos w/ mature weight of 21-50 lbs. I've been feeding her about 2 c. per day, maybe a little more. She has also been biting/scratching so maybe feed less or food allergy to the lamb?
    Hello. :) What was she on before you switched her to Buffalo? It could just be a shock to her system going to such a rich food. Especially if she didn't get a gradual mix and just switched straight to it. Plus you just got her, right? So it could be stress as well. There is a lot going on to really know exactly what's causing her tummy troubles. So you could try keeping her on it for a couple weeks to see if she gets used to it. If can take a week or two. If she still has it, you could try a less rich food. I used Chicken Soup for the Puppies Soul once. I liked that. But I feed Blue to one of my dogs now and totally love it! :D Also at that age I prefer to feed 3 or 4 smaller meals a day. I don't know if that is possible for you. But I would do like 2/3 of a cup three times a day or something. That's more of a preference thing for me. My pups seemed to do better and had more regular bowel movements when I started doing that.
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