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  • That's a sweet story. At least we know one of those beautiful babies got a great home. She's so SWEET! l
    Charlotte came to me from a back yard breeder. She was at a Halloween parade in a small box with 5 other brothers and sisters. Her other human owner was trying to sell them. The owners son was swinging Charlotte by her front legs. It took all I could do to look away. But it was hard to do. I questioned the other owner about the boy and she told the boy to put the pup down. The boy then dropped the pup into the box. I question the woman on her intentions with the pups and she told me she was selling them. (another Back yard breeder) We spoke some more then I told the woman good luck with the pups. I told her I hope they all get loving homes. I walked back over to my seat, then to my surprise the boy walks over to me with the little white pup. The boy hands her to me and told me that his mom wanted me to have the runt.He told me that his mom wouldn't get much money for her anyway. The little white pup was cold and scared. She was full of fleas. I took her to the vet the very next day. She had coccidia, roundworms, and only weighed 4 pounds. I named her Charlotte because she looked like a little pink pig. Being she is a girl I could not name her Wilbur. So she was named after the movie Charlotte's Web. Charlotte is my first APBT. I know know she will not be my last.
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