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Recent content by GoktanKonuralp

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    My little boy

    some pictures added like a link dont know why
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    My little boy

    Hi guys this is my little beast which is 13@weeks and 10.5 kg. I wanna ask a question , my puppys head is changing shape , it become more egg shape ? will it continue to 1 year old ?
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    12 week male puppy weight question

    Thank you both of you ok i will cut vitamins and stick to raw food and kimble
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    12 week male puppy weight question

    9.4 kg @ 12 week
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    12 week male puppy weight question

    I feed with royal canin maxi junior and tuna fish / less cooked white meat / red meat / oat+yogurt mix for example little royal canin maxi junior and tuna fish mix or white meat red meat half cooked half raw mix and for snacks oat/yogurt mix Also omega3 caps / dha caps / calsium caps / some...
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    12 week male puppy weight question

    thanks for infos m8 I wanna reach max weight ofc but i dont want overfeed and make unhealty dog. I want max muscle min bodyfat and at this point max ideal weight.. If you have any food tricks about it then please share .. Thank you..
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    12 week male puppy weight question

    Thank you for your answer buddy , Actually my puppy is big when i chk other bull terriers @ 12 week . But i wanna know that your puppys weight @ 8-10-12 weeks =) ofc if u remember =) My vet said " it will be big dog " he said it should be 35-40 kg ? Is that possible ...
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    12 week male puppy weight question

    Hey Guys ; My name is Göktan and i am from turkey/istanbul. My little buddy is @ 12 week and 9 kg. I am feeding it with royal canin maxi junior and some raw red/white meat. Also using some supplements , vitamin and minerals for develop. ingrus.net/bull/en/details.php?id=12612&gens=9 this...