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    New Article by Bob Stevens

    From the author of "Dogs of Velvet and Steel" a new article.. enjoy “Feed an Athletic Canine Like You Feed a Human Athlete” by Bob Stevens There are, as we all know, differences in the biochemical makeup between dogs and humans. Dogs, for example, don’t sweat and dogs have a tougher...
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    Will my Pit ever turn on me???

    Looks like the media did a good job! NO don`t worry changes are slim to none and it would sooner happen with any other breed then a stable wel mannered APBT. Having said that always makes sure your dog sees you as his leader. But win the respect of your dog don`t enforce it. Be gentle but consistent
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    The new member of the family

    Nice doggy, very cute! enjoy..
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    Hi there

    Very nice to be here. Hope to learn and share some great articles on the American Pit Bull Terrier Btw I have two dogs APBT myself :-) Greetings from the other side of the pond