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Apr 5, 2014
Apr 1, 2009
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Good Dog

Gatorpit was last seen:
Apr 5, 2014
    1. vawallflower
      I was surfing through the forum and ran across a post that said youre from Lake City? Small world, I live in Virginia but lived my entire life in Raiford. My sister lives in Lake City. Came to Virginia cause my ex was in the Navy, can't wait to move back. Come home every chance i get. Love that area!
    2. pookie!
      yes i will be your friend! :)
    3. Gatorpit
      Thanks Lee, I appreciate it. I try to be objective and discuss both sides of things. :)

      And he's like a little troll/alien thing. lol
    4. Lee D
      Lee D
      your avatar freaks me out
    5. Lee D
      Lee D
    6. Gatorpit
      Some of the dogs in the champion class were really nice bullies...conformationally...but bullies. I really don't think too many dogs that could place in UKC would do well in the ABKC.
    7. phbullies
      Hello, went to the bully show huh? You've shown in the past? I'm wondering what the overall quality of dogs taking their class was. I've seen (personally) and on video some pretty poor examples, seemed the shorter and wider dogs were chosen whether they could move or not didn't matter. That still true? I own and show (UKC) dogs that some would consider "classic" bullies both adults are champions and I've thought about showing ABKC but not sure because of the reasons I gave. I don't know anyone in the breed who breeds strictly for conformation, I got really lucky with my dogs in that they are bully enough for me and clean enough to still compete in UKC conformation shows. Let me know what you thought about the class winners. And keep in mind that in the dog world few are honorable so always protect YOUR best interest!
    8. Mollie's Nana
      Mollie's Nana
      :welcome: Glad to have you here, hope you enjoy the forum. :)
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