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Recent content by Esoteric

  1. Esoteric

    Catch dogs

    Don't see Ambullies cutting it. Especially in 90 degree weather with 100% humidity. Show me an Ambully that will make the cut. I got a nickle says they don't. You need leg, ability to breathe, and athleticism to make the cut. And that is just some of the physical attributes. There is much more...
  2. Esoteric

    PP and Schutzhund

    Well said. I have trained and trialed one bitch to a Schutzhund3/IPO3 completely in prey. My wife has trained and trialed her nephew to an Schuthund2/IPO2 so far in prey as well. You see a touch of defense here and there but it is almost all prey drive. The sleeve comes off and our dogs will...
  3. Esoteric

    Color/genetics question.

    A black dog can completely mask any brindling. The only way to know if it is brindle is to dna test for color or breed to a solid color other than black and see if you get brindle.
  4. Esoteric

    breaking up dog fights

    To be honest... I own like 7 break sticks and only used 1 once when I was hog hunting. For the accidental kennel fight the best thing to do is have 2 slip leads handy. Sturdy ones. First rule of thumb is to be relaxed. They will not do too much damage in a short period of time. You on the other...
  5. Esoteric

    AST Show Bloodlines

    i hate the term show lines. this shows us just how poor breeders have gotten within dogs. the idea of a dog show was to show off the best of your stock. now we have people breeding especially for the show ring. this makes no sense. forget show lines. look for a well bred dog from any line that...
  6. Esoteric

    Does my dog look normal?

    thats a staffordshire bull terrier
  7. Esoteric

    George Bailey, So White, and Beanie

    when are you sending me that lil so white?
  8. Esoteric

    Hemi almost 6m

    good lookin boy ;)
  9. Esoteric

    Which bite first: Submissive vs. Dominant

    regardless.. all fearful pit bulls need to be put down. these dogs should be courageous not piss themselves in fear. i will put them down on sight.
  10. Esoteric

    Which bite first: Submissive vs. Dominant

    fearful will bite first.
  11. Esoteric

    Electronic Break Sticks

    if you need electric to break up two dogs then you need to get into a different breed.
  12. Esoteric

    Agree or Disagree?

    they are the same dogs regardless of registry. the only difference is the lack of care that "breeders" took to preserve the dogs they way they should be. that being said... lets not kid ourselves to think that anyone breeds to a standard. if that were the case we wouldnt have the crap we have today.
  13. Esoteric

    Schutzhund training/personal protection training

    i highly doubt anyone is working dogs in protection or schutzhund without some compulsion. pure positive is great for tricks and some obedience but not realistic when there is a lot of pressure involved. please show me a successful schutzhund dog trained purely positive.
  14. Esoteric

    Pit Bull Schutzhund/dog Protection Training wrong to right??

    yes we do schutzhund work with amstaffs. there is a lot of crap in this thread. how many actually work their dogs in these venues?