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Jun 12, 2011
Aug 20, 2008
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Bull Terrier Moderator, from UK

Dray was last seen:
Jun 12, 2011
    1. kronik
      Hey Dray,
      I'm kinda new to this forum and I have no idea how to go about things here. I have a 7 month old Mini Bull Terrier, I rescued him for some kid who neglected him, his ribs were showing and he had mange (prolly cuz he was kept in a plastic crate all day wallowing in his own filth) anyway i have tons of questions to ask the people on this forum and I have learned a a great deal by reading some of the posts. The problem is i can't post anything here, I asked around and all i got was contact the administrator . my question is who is administrator and how do I get permission to post?
    2. Dray
      Thank you Rogue Bullies

      Happy New Year
    3. Rogue Bullies
      Rogue Bullies
      Just wanted to say how beautiful your tri colored is (and all your other bullies too!).

      Have a great holiday : )
    4. Dray
      It would be better on a Private Message instead of a Public one but i have nothing to hide
      I have never owned a Miniature Bull Terrier but from what i have heard and read, they are every bit like a STD Bull Terrier but with the speed and attitude of a Jack Russell. Now i say that in jest. As i have only spoken to a few people who own and breed them.
      My advice would be to get to know the local breeder and take it from there. However if your first love is the Standard BT then maybe 2nd best will never be good enough, therefore unfair to the little doggie.

      Hope this helps.

    5. Staffy bull lover
      Staffy bull lover
      I had a question for you. we aren't to the point of adding another dog to our family yet, but as we spoke about earlier I have wanted a Bull terrier most of my life. My wife on the other hand wants a mini bull terrier. This might sound selfish, but do you have any advice to get my way. lol. She does have the fact that there is a breeder of mini bulls in our town and I haven't once heard of or seen one of their dogs end up in any of the shelters around here, that is. Take care and no rush to get back to me Oh, I hope this is the right place for this sort of question.
    6. Vicki
    7. Alma
      k, its gone now I think. He posted another one in the correct section. ;)
    8. Alma
      Let me check and I'll let ya know. :)
    9. aljarab
    10. Dray
      That is really cool xxxx
    11. Vicki
    12. Bully Mama
      Bully Mama
      I have a good friend that is looking for a bull terrier. We became friends after he adopted our bull terrier Dexter following an incident with our son (6 years old). Dex was about a year. We stayed in close tough and found that Tom was sent by an angel and kept us "family" with Dexter until his death of cancer at age 10. Tom has finally decided to start looking for another Bull Terrier and I have told him about your dogs. Absolutely beautiful and all terrier...lol....Do you breed and if so please contact me when you have a litter. Tom is an amazing man with much experience with the breed. Thanks and love seeing the BT pics. They are one of my favorites!
    13. Dray
      You tried all you could and you can not see through everyone who comes to buy a puppy as they now know exactly what to say as there is so much advice on the internet for buyers but still very little for genuine sellers.
      I wasn't judging you but i was complmenting you on trying to highlight the misery that having "Just the one litter can cause"
      Take care xxx
      Dray x
    14. CoolHandJean
      Thanks for your comments on your blog. Yeah, I made sure to get their phone numbers, but even when I call I don't get a call back. I will try to call again one of these days.
    15. Dray
      I thank you xx
    16. lvedtch
      Believe me, My son, my husband and myself have all been looking at your dogs. They are beautiful.
    17. Vicki
      When you post in my profile, she and anyone else can see what you write!
    18. himmykitty
      :hearts::hearts::hearts: Thanks for reading Charlotte's story. Sorry I haven't been here in a week but one of the girls at the animal hospital had sx and I picked up extra hours. Happy Valentines Day
    19. Vicki
    20. lvedtch
      I have two boys, a rottie/am bulldog and my puppy pitbull. Hopefully, one day I'll get my dream dog!Not that my two boys aren't dreamy lol
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