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  • Hey! Okay, so this is... super strange and a little (okay, a lot) stalkery, but... it's Bex. We used to chat online all the time, we played that FurryPaws dog sim together, played around with web design, and generally talked about silly nothingness. And then I don't know what happened, but we both got busy and fell off the face of the Internets or something. Anyway, I was driving to work today and was totally overcome by memories of talking to you. You were like a big sister to me through some pretty crazy times, and I was totally consumed by a need to track you down and reconnect. I asked Sarah (remember her?) if she knew where I might find you, and she remembered your dogs' names and said you might be here - so here I am!

    If none of this rings a bell at all, feel free to toooootally disregard this message and please, um, refrain from calling the police or something, because I swear I'm not nuts. Just trying to find a very old, dear friend and do some much-needed catching up. :)
    Hello Dogged,

    I saw your ad about selling your treadmill, and I am very interested. Please call me at 919-395-0551 asap. I live in NC and can meet you somewhere.


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