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  • Hey, need some help posting my reptiles pictures!It wont let me upload them to the thread or make an album.i can only post on my computer at work,but im on vacation.
    i tried my Iphone but no luck.
    o and his ears may seem od to ya for awhile seam big big or small but dont worry the dog has to grow into them
    Hey i sent a responce message this morning not sure if you sean it on my page anyhow im sorry i think we got off on the wrong foot my intections were not to piss anybody off so just wanted to let you know that!!! and i sean you post about ear crops not sure if its and old or new post since im new on here either way your last dog that got sick was a fluck think a same amount of dogs dont do good with the meds there given to be put to sleep so your next dog probley wount go throw that and just my prefrence iv always asked for a show crop its about that same size as what your fawn bully has in hip pics and its the most comim pit crop if your unsure what to tell the vet make sure you take in pics cause you want to make sure you guys area all on the same page
    im actually goin to a reptile expo on 9/12 in westchester county,loving those hypos.ive seen them over there but seeing ur pixs you got some beautiful colors.which ones you have left?
    Just dropping by,wondering if you have any boa's for sale or rescue?really love those hypos you posted on the thread.thanx!
    I came here so I don't get my head bit off. I think your site is great, dogs, gorgeous. I come to this site because it's the only one around. I find many people on here promoting DA, fighting, etc. I don't want to have to keep my dog in my yard on a run, because it might decide to attack. I want people to see my pit as a friendly, respectful dog that they'd like. I don't want them looking at my dog as a fighting dog. I don't care what they were used for 5000 years ago. I love my pit and he loves my other dogs. We like sharing time together. There's a million reasons why I would buy a Pit from you over a so called professional breeder. The main one is that you genuinely care,and that's important to me. I doubt if you'll get very nice things said about your site unless you have pictures of them pulling weights, or fighting with each other, and have more tests done then a human being has done when it's having a child. Just know you're in it for the right reason, and ignore all the bull.
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