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  • He sure is getting big!!! And i must add BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE Chihuahuas!!!! They are the new PITBULL.lol I bet that is funny. Those little dogs are MORE DANGEROUS than the big ones.lol Glad everyone is doing good. Work and the shelter are killing me. I'm tired!!!! But my dogs there are WORTH every minute....
    He's a big boy, that's for sure! He runs from the Chihuahuas if they growl at him. Little do they know, they are NOT the same size as him. He is so sweet. He loves going for car rides. His head is bigger than the 2 Chihuahuas!
    Take a look at Dallas playing in the snow. He's much bigger! He loves running after snowballs.
    The Philadelphia Eagles are giving my shelter 20,000 dollars towards our PITSTOP Program!!! Thank you. You still suck as a football team!!!
    Everyone have a GREAT CHRISTMAS AND SAFE NEW YEAR!!!!! Make sure your animals are warm and bring them in!!!
    Dallas has great taste!!!lol He's saying what the hell is a tree doing in here? Sarge is alittle scared of the tree. He's a sissy boy when it comes to certain things. Every dog should be spoiled. Can't wait for the christmas pictures. Sarge has a bow tie and his woman has a bow that matches. They are a cute couple!!! Have a good one
    Rolling Rock!!! Dallas has a tast for this too! He is a spoiled one too. He had raw hides, toys, and dinner with us too. I didn't take pictures, but we will have Christmas pictures. Can't wait! It's funny to see him near the Christmas tree, he isn't sure as to why there is a tree in the house.
    He got kisses and a butt rub, extra
    We FINALLY WON A GAME!!!!!!! it was against a shitty team but i'll take the WIN. How about those GIANTS(my 2nd team)
    I never thought I would be saying this but Cutler kinda sucks...he has just been awful and he throws way too many interceptions.

    He sucks,I want Orton back...
    At our house I'm a Tennessee Titans fan, my husband and daughter are Cowboys fans, this is how Dallas got his name, and my son is a Pats fan. Did you take a pic of Sarge?
    I did see on one of your messages you are a Yankees fan! Dallas and I are from MA. So, we are RED SOX fans. Can't say much as they didn't do so well this year. Does Sarge go after the football? Dallas loves it, and also loves to pop them.
    How have you & Saarge been? Dallas will celebrate his first birthday Dec.2. I'll post pics. He's a big boy of 90 solid pounds, I should say 90 pounds of love.
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