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  • I watched the second on also. I am also not happy that Calvin got killed. I am excite for episode three to see how Sookie deals with "lost" Eric and Alcide makes an appearance in that episode. I also do not like King Bill but did like seeing as a punk rocker in London. LOL
    What did you think of TrueBlood on Sunday? I am kind of happy it is going with the book a little bit more than last season. Hopefully they do not get too much into the fairy storyline because that is just a little bit weird.
    I know, that is what I said. She is only has a contract for two more but we will see if they add anymore to it. On the FAQ portion of her website, she already knows how it ends. :( Hopefully yes, I cannot imgaine not getting a new Sookie book every May. :lol:
    I am happy then I reminded you then. I am getting it on Friday and once I am done we will totally have to talk about it. I have read some spoilers on the fan board and it looks like it is going to be a good one. Rumor is there is only going to be two more books after this one.
    The new Sookie books comes out May 3!! Charlaine Harris is coming to Minneapolis on May 6 and I am going to try to go and get a book signed. Super excited.
    Are you taking little hillbilly to Florida if so would you mind if I come by and said hello and meet him I will try my best not to get him to leave with me lol
    Why did you close that thread ? I wanted to post the rules

    No other forums should be bashed on this forum. If you want to talk about something that happened on another forum (drama)- take it to PM. We are a part of a larger community that involves several forums, however, we ask that you do not link other forums in your signature.

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