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  • hey viho and my sarge could be twins.Do you know his exact pedigree ?i rescued mine ,and not that i care he is a great dog what ever.My past guess is pit/bull mastiff. I had a lady from pitty love rescue say she thought maybe whimeriner (sp) i don't see it. But i was looking through some albums and noticed your VIHO and like i said they could be twins
    I did rent a place in Cheyenne... but I'm sure the lady that rented it to me has long since died. She was old as dirt when I rented it. :lol: It was kinda like a studio apartment, one large room, half as the bedroom and half as the living room. But I didn't have an APBT then, I had Sheaba, a shepherd mix breed, and she was kinda young. Maybe tell them you have mix breed Boxers or mixed breed terriers... which is true, unless they are pure bred. If that's the case, I'd just say they are Terriers, and leave it at that. And APBT's aren't supposed to be much over 50ish pounds. Mine are mixed, and both are over that, but then again, they have never missed a meal. :lol:
    you look like a country girl down load this guys music Colt Ford the song is Saddle Up he has some good country songs
    Cool! I loved Cheyenne... I should have stayed longer. I left right before Frontier Days. :( I would have loved to been there for that. :o
    :wave2: Welcome to the forum... where in Wyoming are you from? I lived in Cheyenne a long time ago... biggest mistake I've ever made was leaving that town when I did. :( Glad to have you here. :)
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