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  • Hey have you watched the Queen fuck up videos on youtube? I finally got around to it the other day and they were pretty cool.It's quite funny how often Freddie forgets his lyrics and just starts mumbling,at one concert he tells the audience "I've forgotten the words,oh well fuck it.I'll just make them up" There's also a lot of improvising/adding chords to songs by both Freddie and Brian.John never seems to fuck up..But anyhow,it's cool if you're bored and have a few minutes to spare.
    Yeah you can tell he's rolling his eyes.I watch the live interviews on youtube and both Freddie and Roger were complete camera whores.Roger is always pushing his way into the frame when it's on someone else.:lol:
    Really,Roger?... REALLY?!? :lol:
    I'm home now TYVM
    now to argue with that dude who posted on your journal this morning lmao. Oh bawr, I haven't taken my medication so that's my excuse to act like a douche...
    LOL,that's ok you remember a song called "Semi charmed life" by Third Eye Blind,back i the 90's? People had no idea what it was about even though it was very blatant.Listen to it sometime if you haven't,it will make you laugh hat people called it "An upbeat,inspirational song"
    What did you think it was about? LOL.Have you ever read "Trainspotting"? The head dope dealer character is called "Mother Superior"
    Interesting story to share with you.Today I found this store that sells nothing but vinyl so I went in a found "A Night At The Opera" The guy who owns the place wanted to play it for me just to let me check out the condition before I bought it ,you know.Well,when he gets to "I'm in Love With My Car" all I can think about is that video you so kindly posted of the guy who like to have "relations" with their cars,needless to say I can no longer listen to that Song.Thanks for the trauma!:lol::p
    No problem.The quality is why I really like it,it's just raw as hell and he still sounds...,well there aren't words to describe his voice,but you know what I mean.
    Yea, my friend who died was a furry, and after he passed away I picked it up :) Nothing makes you feel so happy like jumping around like a maniac with a tail on lol
    Oh I am like halfway furry, kind of. I have a coyote tail and am going to get a new hat with ears, I have a million animal hats lol
    so I can totes get on the internet on my DSi o: Im gonna spam you all night, yo
    Thats hilarious get a wrottwieler you mite have a chance. By you saying youwould like to means you knw it's not possible dreamer
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