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Recent content by charliewat

  1. charliewat

    Cleo - 22 Months!

    Her Eyes are Beautiful, great looking pup
  2. charliewat

    Anyone Have one of These ?

    I had one and my girl wasn't interested. I've had really good luck with Busy Buddies. Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude Dog Toy - Medium 20-50 lbs.
  3. charliewat

    Halloween costume

  4. charliewat

    Need some good new toy ideas?

    I have a goughnut by dog won't touch it...so I guess it will last forever. Squirrel Dude Product Description - Premier Pet My pup loves the busy buddy filled with large sweet potato treats. This thing has lasted 2 months, so far so good.
  5. charliewat

    Crazy Critters Dog Toy for Pitbulls!

    I second that
  6. charliewat

    Your dogs best toys

    Just got this a few weeks ago and it holds treats really well and is holding up better then the red Kong ball she's torn to sunder... I recommend giving it a try and put some large biscuits in it and Brooklyn will work on it for an hour.
  7. charliewat

    lonestar kennel supply

    I would stock stuff you use yourself, I have been really happy feeding Orijen to my pup. Its expensive as hell but as long as Brooklyn is healthy and happy she's worth her weight in gold to me. And nice thick 1.5"+ collars are hard to come by in stores. Only one store in my area has them...
  8. charliewat

    Broken Toe

    Brooklyn broke her pinky toe on her front leg. The vet said he couldn't splint it, all i really heard was Blah Blah Blah Broken Toe. She's on some meds for swelling and pain and her activity is restricted (no, running, jumping, walking) for what could be the next 6 weeks. Anyone have any...
  9. charliewat

    Butters Hurt Her Front Paw

    How's Butters been?
  10. charliewat

    My Friends Bullies *Picture Dump*

    I love the pics
  11. charliewat

    canned pumpkin?

    I was told there was a great pumpkin shortage charlie brown...anyway, the pumpkin works wonders for my two pups; clears up loose poop right away. If you can't find pumpkin I'd try the sweet potato.
  12. charliewat

    June 2010 Female Nominations

    1. Kit's Rosie @ 4 yrs old 2. Elizabeth's Hazel @ 4yrs 3. DivineOblivions Ginger 4. P.J. at 3 years old 5. Charliewat's Brooklyn @ 14 months 6. kyle199 chevy 2.5 years 7. ShadowWolf's Luna @ 7 Year
  13. charliewat

    New camera means new pics.

    Love That Smile
  14. charliewat

    Post June 2010 Theme

    Charliewat's Brooklyn @ 6 months