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Recent content by catchrcall

  1. catchrcall

    Does anyone know anything about Cane Corsos?

    According to the media stories I've read they are all phsycotic killers, so in reality they are probably ok. I've never been around one.
  2. catchrcall

    My kennel setup

    Thank you. We've liked it so far. The coating is rough enough that it files down toenails.. I got so frustrated with fighting fleas and flies I had to do something. I was spending hundreds trying to get them under control every summer and still losing. The deck has worked out well for us...
  3. catchrcall

    camping with dog reactive dog?

    I would go places that let you pick your site if possible. I'd be worried about some knucklehead with an ornery pekinese and an extendable leash.
  4. catchrcall


    I've seen it more than once with fellow hog hunters. There's a big case going on in Louisiana right now where a bunch of healthy dogs were confiscated. This usually ends up with some of the dogs dead and the ones they do get back will be in worse shape than when they left. The biggest thing...
  5. catchrcall

    My kennel setup

    I was asked about my kennel set up so I thought I'd show a few pictures. Right now there are only eight kennels but there will eventually be ten and the alley between the kennels will have a gate where the steps are. That's on the schedule for this year as well as automatic waterers and...
  6. catchrcall

    New pup- Miss Mayhem

    Nope, that's me. There's a bunch of my old stuff in the hunting section. It's a subforum under sports and obedience. I'll see if I can find some recent kennel pictures.
  7. catchrcall

    New pup- Miss Mayhem

    No, I don't know anybody that runs hogs up Idaho way.
  8. catchrcall

    New pup- Miss Mayhem

    Releasing on command is a non issue to me. It's more convient if they do buy I don't hold it against them if they don't. My current catch dog BA will not release on command. It takes a break stick to get him off.
  9. catchrcall

    New pup- Miss Mayhem

    Teddy is a good looking dog.
  10. catchrcall

    Perry Mason

    Good looking dog.
  11. catchrcall

    New pup- Miss Mayhem

    More dependant on the the preference of the hunter. I've seen 30 lb pit bulls and American Bulldogs and Dogos that were well over 200 lbs. My ideal is 50-60 lbs but I'll go higher or lower for the right dog. The one I just lost this year was an 85 lb staghound/dogo cross. As a general rule...
  12. catchrcall

    New pup- Miss Mayhem

    I would guess she'll finish out at around 45 pounds.
  13. catchrcall

    New pup- Miss Mayhem

    This one has a lot of pit bull in her, but not pure. Her mother was 1/4 American Bulldog and there has to be a blue dog somewhere in the woodpile as a blue pup shows up once in a while. Basically the dam is working bulldog to working bulldog through the years, but very heavy pit bull, with...
  14. catchrcall

    New pup- Miss Mayhem

    She loves a nice soft couch for sure. She's still young enough where she will spend about half her time sleeping. I'll take pictures while we work with her. She has a lot to learn this year.
  15. catchrcall

    New pup- Miss Mayhem

    I figured I'd share the newest addition to our kennels. This is Miss Mayhem. May for short. We have high hopes for her in the coming years. She would be a niece to BA, my current catch dog that we use on hogs. Unfortunately we lost our other catch dog to tumors this year, so we needed an up...