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  • Thanks, was going to be the cybernetic ghost of christmas past from the future or meatwad, but I feel more like carl less the hand work
    Yeah....seems to be more and more of us....I am so tired of it!!! I have the dumbest doctor in the world....lol... How are you doing, and what kind of medicine are you on? I am on Armour with a staggered dosage of 120 4 times a week and 90 3 times a week. My bloodwork came back sooooo screwed up the last time, and my doc only gave me a prescription for 1 month and scheduled an appt for 2 months later!!! Gee! Can she not count. (this was a new doc) Going Friday to regular doctor to get them to at least give me a prescription for what I am taking now. Needs to be upped quite a bit... argh...If I start gaining weight, I am going to just die!!! It has taken to long to loose what I have lost. Glad to meet you too!! Sorry for venting, this just happened a little while ago...lol...
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